Music Tours in Europe
by Budaventura Travel

Why travel to Europe? What can Europe offer?

Europe is the cradle of music. If you take a look at the different countries, in each you will find masters of music, think only of Puccini or Vivaldi in Italy, Mozart or J. Strauss in Austria, Bach or Beethoven in Germany, Smetana, Dvořák in Czech Republic, Chopin in Poland or Haydn, Kodály, Liszt in Hungary. Here you can learn more about them, and these are only a few examples.

Europe offers not only the past, but also the PRESENT. It has a bustling, colourful, multicultural life, high level music education, and a range of magnificent historical and modern concert venues. It offers the possibility of becoming acquinted with local students and local methods of teaching (eg. Kodály-method) , giving joint concerts with local orchestras, choirs, or participate (or attend) choir or orchestra festivals, competitions.

And the FUTURE. We believe that these students, who have had the opportunity not only to travel overseas countries and and meet local students, but also to have tasted the feeling and experienced the atmosphere of an international début; this will have positive effects on their further development, musical career, and experiences.

Past, present and future in beautiful lands and cities: not only musically thinking, but also in view of the wide range of cultural, historical, architectural, natural and intellectual treasures.

Europe is waiting for You.